5 cheapest and most beautiful countries in the world

Take a closer look at countries in Central and South America, Africa and Asia; they will not require large budgets.

1. Guatemala

You will not hear much about Guatemala: it is in the shadow of Mexico and Costa Rica, but now the situation is beginning to change. Imagine lush jungle, steaming volcanoes, sparkling lakes, and colorful cities. You should go here to fall in love with the small lake Atitlan, on which you can move from one village to another in a small boat for only $ 2, to live in a real bungalow for just a few dollars, to climb to the top of some active volcano and have a drink 50 cents tequila in one of the rooftop bars in Antigua.

2. Argentina

Few countries offer the same diverse spectrum of experiences as Argentina: from the magnificent Iguazu waterfalls, majestic Patagonia and the sophisticated Salta to the mesmerizing scenery of San Carlos de Bariloche, the bustle of Buenos Aires and the amazing wine in Mendoza. Add to all this the incredibly delicious food and the friendliness of the locals, and there seems to be no reason to stay home. The local buses are one of the most comfortable in the world, so give up flights and save money with comfort: comfortable beds, wine, food, movies – you might not want to go out.

There are several tracking routes openly available, which will save you from expensive bookings and transfers, and wherever you are you can always find a restaurant with excellent steak and a glass of red dry for less than $ 15.

3. Vietnam

Wherever you go to Southeast Asia, you are not mistaken. Vietnam, however, combines the cleanest beaches, delicious cuisine, amazing temples, and very low prices.

In the obligatory program: to immerse yourself in the beauty of Halong Bay, explore the Phong Nha National Park and take a walk along the old romantic streets of Hoi An. Treat yourself to a spa pedicure for $ 4 and pamper yourself with a room with all amenities and air conditioning for less than $ 16. The food here is even cheaper: a large bowl of rice noodles with pork, chili, and aromatic herbs will cost you $ 1. And don’t forget to add a glass of fresh beer to her for 25 cents.

You can even make your own costume to order – life is beautiful in Vietnam in general.

4. India

During your first visit to India, as a rule, there are several settings that you need to get used to: for example, just as much as you love something in the country, there will be something that you will hate. Take the train from Rishikesh in the north of the country and go to Kerala in the south, visit the Taj Mahal and visit Varanasi. Try thali (various dishes of rice, vegetables, meat, and sauces are collected on one plate), it will cost about $ 2. Sunbathe on one of the beaches of Goa, overnight there will cost $ 5.

Whatever part of India you go to, do not try to see everything – this is a huge country, but if you find yourself a good driver (it will not cost a fortune), then you can capture a lot.

5. Morocco

If you are looking for adventure, but your budget is limited, then Morocco is one of the best options. There are many travel agencies offering expensive excursions, but you can get the same experience if you are savvier and spend more time organizing. For example, give up a tour for $ 300 offering a night in the desert on camels, and go on a public bus there yourself, and you will be surprised that the same tour can already be purchased on-site for $ 40. And if suddenly you feel that you are tired of Morocco, then catch a ferry for $ 24, and in an hour and a half, you will be in Spain.

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