5 cities with the most hospitable residents

To smile at a passerby, chat with a stranger in a park or be surprised that the bartender remembered your name – it seems that out of such trifles the “feeling of home” in an unfamiliar city develops.

We have compiled a selection of 5 cities where every traveler feels as if he has not left anywhere. It has both large cities and small ones, but one thing unites them – feelings of happiness, cordiality, and hospitality, which cannot be felt.

Dublin, Ireland

Everyone who once was here will probably agree that the inhabitants of Dublin are very warm not only to each other but also to visitors. And all because it is important for them to be sure that everyone who is here has a good time.

Being one of the most compact capitals in Europe, Dublin is also famous for being safe here: the city has a very low crime rate and therefore residents are eager to help those who need it.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap, with its constantly warm weather, relatively small size and a peaceful population, seems to be cultivating positive energy.

The dark days of Cambodia with war and confusion have long been in the past, the history of the city attracts millions of tourists today, and therefore Siem Reap is developing very quickly. Locals strive for calm and harmony, so this is a great option for those who want to avoid noise and dirt without compromising on creative energy.

Another advantage of Siem Reap is its direct proximity to nature and rural life: cows talking about it peacefully grazing along the roads of those streets that are closer to the outskirts speak of this. At the same time, some areas of the city, for example, Wat Bo, are considered very promising: today they already have many trendy bars, restaurants, and shops.

Auckland, New Zealand

The largest city in New Zealand is also the most hospitable, which happened due to a large number of expats. Those who moved here from another part of the world understand very well how difficult it is to move, so all tourists and new arrivals here will definitely extend a helping hand.

The second factor is the stunning landscapes that will make anyone happier, which means kinder.

Compared to other cities in New Zealand, it can be noisy, but not like in London, Los Angeles or Sydney.

Due to its size, Auckland can offer to house for every taste: those who love nature should go to the north coast, where the parks are concentrated, or to the western part of the city – there are more opportunities for hiking and trekking. If you prefer urban life, then you should stay in the areas of Gray Lynn, Ponsonby, Parnell or Mt Eden – there are especially many bars, unusual shops, and good restaurants.

It is also worth paying attention to the small village of Kingsland, near Auckland, there is more natural, and there are no fewer places to get to.

Charleston, USA

The ocean, rivers and numerous lakes at every step – it seems that it is a large amount of water that harmoniously affects the locals. One gets the feeling that it’s simply customary to smile at everyone we meet here.

Charleston lives at its own pace, which you certainly cannot call fast: people enjoy the weather, talking to each other and delicious food. Many people who have lived in large cities of the country for a long time move here and bring with them new energy, which creates an absolutely unique atmosphere in the city. Such residents buy property, usually in the South of Broad area: it is famous for its chic mansions. And this is very reasonable, since for the amount half as much as in large cities, here you can buy something more high-quality and large.

Those who need to live in the center of the restaurant and nightlife should settle in the Elliot borough area. Those who like to be in nature more should go to Hampton Park or Wagener Terrace.

Victoria Canada

Being both a popular tourist destination and a major port city, the capital of British Columbia is also famous for its first-class service and friendly residents. Everyone here is friendly with each other, and this is the most important feature of this relatively large city, which brings it to the atmosphere of a province.

The history of Victoria adds depth to the atmosphere: the British landed on these shores in 1843, and their influence here is still noticeable. These are English pubs, Tudor-style houses, and tea traditions.

Even in winter, when there are significantly fewer tourists, the city still remains alive, and all thanks to a large university hangout that provides the city with a rich nightlife all year round. The James Bay and Fernwood areas are considered more fashionable, but if you want more peace, then you should stay in Uplands, near the ocean and national reserves.

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