8 reasons to go to Belgrade right now

We found several reasons why you should come to Belgrade.

1. Parties on quays are second to none

There are not many cities in the world that use the promenades as successfully as Belgrade does. On the embankment of the Danube and Sava rivers, there are more than 200 bars, clubs, and restaurants, life in which does not stop, as a rule, until dawn. Some of them work only in the summer season, but there are also those that are open all year round (for example, Splav). A beautiful view of the river becomes even more beautiful after a few cocktails, which usually do not cost more than 500 dinars.

2. Excellent kitchen

The choice of restaurants in Belgrade can lead to dizziness, given the fact that, according to European standards, the prices here can hardly be called high. The old town has more restaurants with traditional cuisine (some of the best dishes: Balkan meat patties, cevapcici, and peppers stuffed with cheese). Or you can go to one of the trendy restaurants on the waterfront, dominated by Spanish, Italian and Asian cuisines.

3. Belgrade is a pleasure to explore on foot.

Knez Mihailova Street is a wide pedestrian boulevard that crosses the old city, which almost never sleeps. It seems that street musicians play here all the time, artists work and sellers with strollers flash by. In addition to them, there are many shops and coffee houses located in buildings of the XIX century.

Take a look at house number 29, here is the Zepter Museum, whose exhibitions are dedicated to contemporary Serbian art.

4. It has its own fashionable areas.

Head to the east bank of the Sava River in the Savamala area, where previously there were abandoned warehouses and dilapidated Art Nouveau mansions. But over the past few years, everything has changed: many bars and clubs have moved to empty buildings, changing the lives of the area beyond recognition. Later fashion shops and cafes appeared. Stop by for a cocktail in the Klub Dvoristance Garden or the Industrial Prohibicija before heading out to dance.

5. You will always be on time

Cross the Sava river towards Zemn, and you will immediately feel the difference between the eastern and western parts of the city. Zemun, one of the suburbs of Belgrade, used to be part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until 1918, and therefore there is so much heritage of the Habsburg empire. At the same time, the atmosphere here is still Balkan – with aromas of Turkish coffee and teasing smells from neighboring restaurants. It is worthwhile to climb the Gardos Tower, which was built by the Hungarians in 1896. It offers a beautiful view of Belgrade and the Danube.

6. Even in tourist areas, there is something to enjoy.

Skadarlija is considered one of the most popular areas of Belgrade, and this is not surprising, it is a bohemian quarter of the 19th century, which in the past was very loved by poets and writers, and today tourists and fashionistas of the city adore it. They make excellent coffee, pour brandy and smoke a lot. All this happens against the background of cobblestone alleys, old Serbian restaurants, and street musicians. In general, the atmosphere here is more than relaxing.

7. History at every turn

Kalemegdan is the oldest part of Belgrade, covering the history of the city from Roman times to the present day. It is nice to take a walk in the park, take a look at the ancient fortresses and the military museum, it is also worth climbing the rampart to see the views of the Danube and Sava rivers. This is the greenest place in the city, so it is often chosen here for picnics. A good place to eat is Kalemegdanska Terasa, it is located very close to the zoo.

8. Here is a great city beach

On Ada Ciganlija, an island on the Sava River recently turned into a peninsula, there is the only beach in the country – Blue Flag beach. In the midst of summer, everyone gathers here: to sunbathe, swim or kayak. But even if you didn’t come in the summer, it’s still worth getting here: you can take a good walk here, ride a bike and have a tasty meal.

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