9 interesting activities in Southeast Asia

But in fact, Asia can offer much more if you are ready to move away from hiking trails. We have collected 9 directions that you are unlikely to read about in the guidebook.

1. Go trekking in Umfang, Thailand

To imagine Thailand without tourists is quite difficult, but it is still possible. Head to Umphang, south of Mae Sot, and set aside a few days to see the Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary Nature Reserve, home to gibbons and huge lizards. The pearl of the park is Tee Lor Su Falls, but to see its full power, come in November, right after the rainy season. You can stay at Umphang Hill Resort.

2. See dolphins in colonial Cambodia

The tiny Krathi was virtually unaffected by the war, and therefore colonial French architecture and traditional Khmer buildings along the Mekong River have been preserved here. It is in it that the river dolphins live, which is great luck to see. To make this happen for sure, it is better to take a river cruise.

3. Try seafood in Quinyung in Vietnam

Quite a few tourists stay in Quignon, whose main industry is fishing. During the reign of Cham, it was an important commercial center, and towers towering on a hill north of the city are evidence of this. It is worth taking a taxi – xe om to see a stunning view of the unspoiled nature of this region.

4. See the ruins in Champasca in Laos

Today, Champascus may seem a little sleepy city, but it was once the capital of the Principality of Lao. Therefore, here you can see colonial-style palaces next to ordinary wooden houses. From the central city fountain, just a few kilometers away is Wat Phou, one of the most charming temple complexes in Cambodia. Not so long ago, it was restored a bit, and now walking along its walls in the river valley has become even more pleasant.

5. Bargain in Hsipav, in Myanmar (Burma)

One of the necessary things to do if you are in Hsipav is to wait (or wake up early) to open the night market. He starts working at 3 a.m.

There are also lots of monasteries, hot springs, waterfalls and lots of lovely villages. It is also worth seeing a small temple complex, which is also worth seeing, the locals call it “Little Bagan”.

6. Get to the Camiguin Islands in the Philippines

Ivory sandy beaches, an electrically blue sea and an overwhelming number of screens per square kilometer – these are all about the Camiguin Islands, which so far have remained untouched by the wave of mass tourism. If you are fond of diving, then you will be impressed by the sunken cemetery next to Bonbon, which rests underwater after an earthquake. Also, in the mandatory program, climb the active volcano Hibok-Hibok.

7. Get to know monkeys at Tanjung Puting National Park in Indonesia

Want to see the orangutans? Go to the untouched forest of Tanjung Puting National Park: there are almost no crowds and this is one of the best places to see them in the wild. Rent a boat from Kumai to Rimba to spend the night among the monkeys and gibbons on the banks of the Sekonyer River. But if you suddenly do not see anyone, then look at Leakey camp, there they will definitely be there.

8. Explore Ocean Life at Perhentian Besar in Malaysia

Pass rather Perhentian Kecil to get to his “big brother” – Besar, an island with impassable jungle and snow-white beaches. This is a great diving spot with turtles and lots of exotic fish.

It’s also worth getting into Three Coves Cove to see how turtles live.

9. Relax on the island of Koh Adang in Thailand

Want to get to a virtually untouched Thai island? It is possible that the island of Ko Adang is located inside the Tarutao National Marine Park, which “saved” it from intensive development.

On the white sands of Laem Sone Beach, there are bungalows belonging to a national park that can be rented. The island itself has excellent hiking routes and several viewing platforms.

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